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16 JANUARY 1978       

Mr G.P. DESAI officially opened the school as principal with an enrolment of 920 pupils (Chatsworth No. 63)


Mr G.P. DESAI  was seconded as Acting Inspector of Education.

Mr S.M. NAIDOO assumed position of Acting Principal. 

3 NOVEMBER 1980     

Mr S.M. NAIDOO promoted to Principalship.

27 DECEMBER 1984

Mr S.M. NAIDOO transfered to Westcliff Secondary.

14 JANUARY 1985

Mr. V.S. PILLAY assumed Principalship.

12 OCTOBER 1985

Mr. V.S. PILLAY retired from teaching

13 JANUARY 1986

Mr. M.G. NARISMULU assumed Principalship.

31 JULY 1989

Mr. M.G. NARISMULU retired from teaching

1 AUGUST 1989

Mr. P.B. HURI assumed the position of Acting Principal.


Mr. P.B. HURI promoted to Principalship of Windsor Secondary

15 JANUARY 1990

Mr. G.V. NAIDOO assumed Principalship.

12 APRIL 1991

Mr. G.V. NAIDOO seconded to SEM

15 APRIL 1991

Mr C. P. PETER assumed duty as Principal.


Mr C. P. PETER transferred to Newhaven Secondary.


Mr J.R. JACK assumed duty as Principal.

22 JANUARY 1996

Mr J.R. JACK promoted to SEM

22 JANUARY 1996

Mr S.K. PILLAY assumed the position of Acting Principal.

30 APRIL 1997

Mr S.K. PILLAY accepted severance package.

Mr T. GAPPOO assumed the position of Acting Principal.

11 AUGUST 1998

Mr. V. R. MOTHEERAM assumed duty as principal